Senior Thesis at CMU (4)

Some transformations, some KL divergence analysis

Happy New Year! I’ve been a bit busy lately with my grad school application and the thesis research experiments, so I haven’t worked on the website update frequently. Sqrt-shift learnable transformation - continue Last time we introduced the sqrt-shift function that is able to adjust itself through backpropagation to simulate... [Read More]
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Deep Reinforcement Learning on Doom AI

From DQN to A3C+LSTM

Recently I’ve been working on the project of training an AI for Doom, which is a classic FPS game. Luckily, the control side API has been provided by the VizDoom team, so the rest of the task is with how to train it. While I’m not going to get into... [Read More]
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First Post After Migrating My Website!

A welcome message

Well, if you are looking at this post right now, I trust that you have already visited my new personal website. Gradually from today, I will migrate things from the old site to the new one. Meanwhile, I will post some interesting things on the current github page. Topics include:... [Read More]
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