First, thank you for your interest in my life! I’ve always taken proud of myself for being not just a CS/ML buff, but also someone with lots of interests. I care about lots of things and travel to a lot of places. Below are some of the favorite photos of myself. They are updated regularly.

Only one rule for the photos here!: No selfie!

If you happened to have a good photo of me, you can email it to me. Enjoy!

My mom (right) and I (left) travelled to Taiwan in 2015. Funny expression I had.

Before I left my 2016 internship, I took a photo with my colleague (right)...

U.S. national flag, Golden Gate bridge and I in 2016.

Me before boarding the aircraft for an incredible skydive! A bit nervous indeed.

Me in the middle of an incredible skydive! Look at my hairstyle--- totally natural!

A trip to Warner Brothers Studio in Dec. 2016. The sorting hat said I was assigned to Ravenclaw.